Saturday, February 10, 2007

Amy's Visit - Cousins on Mt. Tam

The week after we returned from our trip to Louisiana for the Christmas holiday, my cousin, Amy was scheduled to be in San Francisco for work on Wednesday and Thursday. She decided to stay Friday night to spend some time with family.

At her mom's house in Dallas, we'd just looked through a book of her wedding photos. It was a lovely event and the first time Cameron met many of my relatives from my Dad's side of the family.

Sam and I took Amy out to lunch at Joe's Taco Lounge. Then, we met Ariel and Ash for a trip to watch the sunset from the top of Mt. Tam. We'd taken John & Johanna at sunset when they were here for Labor Day.

This lake looked lovely. We think it is the one formed by the Alpine Damn we parked near on our first Marin waterfall hike. It was fun to see it again from this angle.

The views from the top are impressive.

The city was glorious in the setting sun.

Sam & Ash enjoyed climbing around on the rocks.

Ariel wanted the use the camera. She said she had a good shot from where she was standing. I wanted to take one of her.

But her angle was nice.

The wind was cold and strong up there this time.

The tower on top provided a bit of a windbreak. The view down the mountain from there is interesting too.

We still need to explore Mt. Diablo.

I am happy to have my own sunset picture of it now.

Ash took a picture of the cousins huddled together before we headed back down the mountain.

Sam & Ash sprinted.

They were like deer, running and climbing.

One last shot with the ocean in the background.

The windy roads to the top of the mountain and back were upsetting to some of our stomachs. I took my mom's advice and took Dramamine. It helped a lot and didn't make me drowsy.

Later, we ordered food from Thep Lela, our favorite local Thai place. Cam made it home from a trip to Austin in time to say hello and crash.

The next morning, he was refreshed and shared a breakfast of whole wheat pancakes with fresh berries and whipped cream before Amy headed home to spend time with her husband, Sebastian.

It was great to see her and catch up.

Thanks for making time for us, Amy. We love you.

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