Saturday, February 03, 2007

The New Queen of Substitutes

A week ago, Friday, was my last day working as an aide at Sam's school.

I was moved by the hugs, cards, drawings and letters of thanks I received from the kids.

They said things like:

"You are the New Queen of Substitutes."

"You have bin the best aide."

"Miss Maddux rocks!!!!"

"I will miss you very, very, very much."

"I am happy for you."

"I liked it when you were here but hope you like the kids you meet."

"I wish you have a great time being a teacher."

"I hope every time our teacher is sick you will be our substitute!"

"Have fun being a substitute."

"You are respectful, nice and caring."

"You are a great person to be around."

"You are very kind."

"I had so much fun with you."

"You are a good person."

"I love the way you smile."

"I love you : )"


"You are the best aide I ever had."

"I know you will be a great substitute."

"You have taught me a lot of stuff."

"You helped me learn a lot."

"Your friend..."

I could not ask for more.

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Anonymous said...

Mary: You are the Queen of Substitutes! You forgot to show the pictures the other aides drew for you and the captions, "We'll miss you daily and know that your warmth and attention to every child at Bel Aire will be missed!"