Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dallas at Alice's

After our time with Anthony and his family, we hit the road.

Our goal was to make it to Dallas that evening, crash in a hotel somewhere so no one was waiting up for us and then connect with my parents in the morning.

I'm lucky; my parents care enough about seeing me that they would happily drive from their home six hours away to Dallas for the promise of some hugs and a few hours of our time.

They were staying in my Aunt Alice's home. We met them there the next morning.

We gave them the produce we'd picked the day before. They gave us gifts they brought back from their recent trip to Hawaii.

Sam demonstrating a Hawaiian dance.

We talked at my aunt's house for awhile then left to go have dinner with just my folks.

Then, we headed to the airport. We were supposed to catch a flight that would get us home that evening.

We were going to have the weekend to rest and relax at home. But the weather and American Airlines didn't cooperate.
Thankfully, we had family and friends in Dallas who welcomed us into their homes.

I want to thank my Aunt Alice and Uncle Suvid for their hospitality.

We were happy to have extra time with everyone.

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