Friday, February 16, 2007

Taking Ariel & Ash to See the Seals

I wanted to go back to Pt. Reyes with Ariel and Ash. I couldn't wait to show them the elephant seals we'd seen with Cam and hoped we might see a whale or two.

Ash made her move to California on an airplane. So the amount of stuff she was able to bring with her was limited. Her grandmother mailed her a care package full of some important things she'd had to leave behind. She was so excited to get her skateboard back that she brought it with her to the beach where she taught Sam a few tricks.

While Cam was watching one of the NFL playoff games, Sam and I took the Ariel & Ash to the ocean.

We started a bit later in the day got off the bus at the first stop with everyone else so it was a bit more crowded but just as lovely.

We saw elephant seals lounging on the ocean side of the point near the Pt. Reyes Lighthouse.

From this distance, I agree with Eric that they do look dead.

Luckily, docents had their telescopes set up again.

We marched up the hill towards the lighthouse

People at this lookout said they had recently seen a whale and were waiting for it to resurface.

We waited for awhile too.

But since we hadn't seen it go down, had no idea which was it was headed, where it might resurface or how long it would take, I was willing to forgo waiting and head down the stairs toward the lighthouse with Sam.

On our way down, Ash yelled down to tell us that the whale was resurfacing. I looked where she pointed and may have seen a spray. Sam didn't see anything. I'm glad Ariel and Ash are excited about what they had saw.

Sam and I had been to this lighthouse before but he said he doesn't remember it.

Glad I have the pictures.

Cam and I had our first view of the ocean as Californians from here.

Sam looked wistful and dreamy by the lighthouse.

Being with him at a lighthouse reminded me of the Powell Family Reunion in San Diego when we visited the Cabrillo National Monument and explored the Old Pt. Loma Lighthouse there with our cousin, Kelly.

Back at Pt. Reyes, we had a clear view of the Farallon Islands. But no clear view of whales yet.

Ariel and Ash joined us at the lighthouse.

It was another beautiful day.

Sam chilled on some rocks.

"Strike a pose, Vogue."

The climb back up the steep stairs is quite different than the climb down. We couldn't say the sign at the top didn't warn us. It says the stairs are equivalent to a 30 story building.

We made it then got back on the bus and rode over to the Elephant Seal Overlook.

This shot shows how close we are to the seals from the overlook.

There were even more baby seals this time. (click on the photo to enlarge)

I was thrilled.

We heard that we had just missed a birth. They said the sea gulls were cleaning up the after birth. Yuck. But good to hear nothing is wasted.

A bit later, a bunch of sea gulls were gathered around one female. Sure enough, soon there was a new baby with her.

I wouldn't say I actually saw the birth from where we were standing but we were present for it.

On the bus ride back to the car, we saw Elk from the bus. At the time, we only caught a fleeting glimpse but since we knew were to look, on our drive back; we pulled over and captured this stunning view.

We felt fortunate to get such a clear view of them.

All day, we kept saying, "I can't believe we live here." It is amazing. I am thankful.

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