Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Did I mention it was hot?

When we weren't at the beach in Myrtle Beach, we were often in or near the pool. On one of the last evenings, I especially enjoyed watching my cousins, Alan and Ken play with some of our tiniest children.

I remember swimming in a pool with my cousin Ken during the first Powell Family Reunion in Branson, Missouri in 1984 when we were 12 (me) and 11 respectively. And at another reunion, the first time I was ever slammed by a wave and came up having swallowed what seemed like the entire ocean through my nose, Kenny was there.

Sam got to be a big cousin on this trip. "Where's Sam?" Michael would ask. "Want to play air hockey?" Jonathon would implore. "Let's play chase." Alison would suggest. It was precious watching her let him carry her around the pool. She wasn't always comfortable in the water but with her cousin, Sam, she was secure.

It was fun watching how much the little ones' swimming improved over the course of the week. Michael and Sam both loved jumping off the side of the pool and seeing how big of a slash they could make.

My Dad joined the fun.

My mom is a superb swimmer and made sure my brother and I had swimming lessons regularly while growing up. She was often in the water with us. This time, she was relaxing by the pool.

John & Jo stopped out.

Holly was often nearby.

Liann found this incredible place.

And our patriarch, my dad's eldest brother, my Uncle Jerry stood by proudly. I love them all very much.

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