Sunday, February 04, 2007

Meeting Anthony & Jeanette @ Dean O's

Before leaving town, we were scheduled to meet some of Cam's best friends, Anthony & Jeanette at one of his favorite places to eat. I thought Dean O's pizza was on Cam' list. It wasn't but it did make Eric's.

Unfortunately, Cam had an upset stomach and wasn't able to enjoy the crab meat or crawfish and jalapeno pizza as much as usual.

Cam and Anthony talk almost every day.

Often, we hear Cam laugh and laugh and laugh.

It was wonderful for Sam and me to finally meet them.

After lunch, we stopped by Anthony's childhood home so Cam could see Anthony's mother and we could meet Lucas Cameron.

Cam was pleasantly surprised and incredibly honored when he learned that Anthony & Jeanette had given Lucas his name as a middle name.
Luckily, Cam was in their area for work and was able to meet Lucas when he was just days old.

He's grown a lot since then. We had a fun time together and look forward to spending time with them again.

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