Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dallas @ Pablo's

After spending an extra night with my folks in Dallas and hanging out with them the following morning, we decided to make the most of being stranded and visit more of Cameron's close friends.

Sam considered hanging out with my folks while Cam & I went to see Pablo and Kristie until he heard about Pablo's X-Box.

We got out and enjoyed the day too.

We went to an authentic Mexican restaurant where the waitress spoke to Pablo in Spanish and the rest of us attempted phrases like, "Agua, por favor."

Cam hadn't seen Pablo's new home. It was very nice.

That evening, the guys laughed and laughed to some Mystery Science Theatre DVDs Anthony gave Cam. And we ordered extraordinary pizza. (Where was it from, Pablo?) I liked the one with eggplant best.

The next day, we went out for brunch at a fabulous spot. (Where was it Cam?)

Thanks so much, Pablo and Kristie for making what could have been a miserable experience into a real joy.

And as you may remember, we did finally make it home.

I want to thank Cam for keeping those who are interested in knowing what we've done in the New Year current through postings on his blog.

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