Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Surrounded by Dolphins

After seeing Risso's dolphins, on our whale watching tour, we sailed along some more.

Passing the Channel Islands.

Getting a closer look.

They seem like they would have been a fun place to explore. Maybe next time.

All of a sudden, the water was teeming with dolphins.

Every where we looked, we saw them.

We were surrounded by dolphins.

We learned how the Common Dolphin travels in pods of hundreds or even thousands and works together to herd fish.

Pelicans follow the dolphins because they know where there are dolphins, there are also fish.

From the top deck of the ship, I looked down and watched as dolphin after dolphin leaped and swam right in front of Sam.

We stayed in their midst for a long time.

wards, everyone was giddy.

It was an experience I will remember all of my life.

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