Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Are the World's Greatest Tacos in Ventura?

Our second day in Los Angeles was the day with the best weather.

We made plans to go on a whale watching cruise that would take us out near the Channel Islands that day.

Before boarding, we decided to grab some lunch. I requested the Surf 'N' Taco.

When I asked Sam if he wanted to have shark and he answered, yes without missing a beat.

He had eaten alligator in Louisiana and decided to add another ferocious animal to the list.

The place had some campy shots of sharks on their walls.

This one was our favorite.

On the surface, Sam's shark and fries looked the same as the fish and fries but we know they are quite different.

He ate most of the shark even though he said it was a bit rubbery.

My fish tacos were more fried batter than fish and paled when compared to those we get at Joe's.

But I was a fan of the variety found on their salsa bar.

So, while I don't believe the World's Greatest Tacos are in Ventura, we did have fun.

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