Sunday, February 04, 2007

Crawfish Boil

After the swamp tour, Cam ran out to Lucas Cameron's baptism while Sam and I cleaned up and got ready for dinner. After the baptism, we met Cam at Gator Cove for a crawfish boil.

I was excited to try crawfish again.

I'd had it once before in Galveston, TX with my friend, Heather.

Alligator was on the children's menu. So, Sam ventured from the norm and gave it a try. He thought it tasted like chicken.

He surprised me by also trying the crawfish and asking for seconds.

It was yummy and fun.

Making our own cocktail sauce from ketchup, mayo, horse radish, and Worcester shire sauce was added a lot to the taste experience.

After dinner, we went outside to see the gators in their pen.

What a full, eventful, flavorful day.

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