Monday, February 19, 2007

Tiburon Garden Experiment II

In September, I found some planter boxes by the side of the road.

I brought them home and filled them with vegetables and snap dragons. Click here to flash back to Tiburon Garden Experiment Take I.

We did have a few salads from the lettuce.

And a nice Caprice with the basil but the plants weren't getting enough light.

The peas were pretty but they and the broccoli never produced.

Since then, I've been watching to see which plants were thriving in the cool, damp weather we'd been having this fall and decided to try my luck with some cyclamen and pansies.

So far, they are thriving.

Even the plants in the strawberry pot look happy.

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Cameron said...

Thanks for giving us something nice to look at out there ... not that the scooter ain't great!