Saturday, February 24, 2007

Meet the Oscars

Our first morning in LA, we ended up going to Hollywood.

They were setting up for the Oscars.

Sam's standing where the celebrities arrive and are talk with the media before entering the building.

From there, we walked the path they would take along the red carpet through the hallway of what is mostly a fancy shopping area.

We looked at the names of movies that had won best picture in the past that were etched into the wall and noticed spaces set aside for movies of the future.

We climbed a famous staircase.

The Kodak Theatre, where the Oscar Awards are held, is at the top.

Outside, in the courtyard, it was a gorgeous day.

We enjoyed checking out this historic area.

In the above photo, Sam was standing in front of this pillar.

Here is a close up of the top.

These elephants were in the courtyard too.

Apparently, they are very old and significant.

It was fun hanging out.

We walked past some of the stars on Hollywood Blvd.

Sam didn't recognize many of the names but when we saw this one, I said, "There's our governor's."

Sam said, "I know him from the Terminator movies."

I loved having time with my brother.

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