Friday, December 15, 2006

The Castro & Dolores Park

After driving through Golden Gate Park and staring in awe at the ocean from Cliff House & the Sutro Baths, Ariel and I headed towards The Castro, "San Francisco's gay village." Ariel is interested in living in this area and wanted to check it out. Ariel pointed out signs for the Human Rights Campaign. They are working for equal rights for everyone.

Previously, I had shied away from mentioning Ariel's sexual orientation on my blog in am attempt to be respectful of her privacy. We had a meaningful talk yesterday where I learned that she takes offense when people use the word "friend" when referring to Ash, the woman she has been dating for over a year now. I told her that a lot of us are still learning how to be appropriately supportive. I appreciate her guidance.

Talking about other people at all on my blog is a very sensitive issue. I want to share my life and my experiences with people who love and care about me. Sometimes, my life experiences include other people. But, they may not want to have their part in my life experiences shared. Ariel assured me her life is an open book. I didn't want to unintentionally offend her by leaving out this part of our exploring the other day or by not being clear in my descriptions.

We walked through historic Dolores Park and saw same-sex couples enjoying the afternoon together. We even ran into a man I know from school. He was there with his partner and their new dog. They generously shared information about the neighborhood and told us where to find a good cup of coffee.

My mint mocha at the Dolores Park Cafe hit the spot. It was after dark on a school night. I was in danger of turning into a pumpkin.

But Ariel said we were close to The Lexington, a lesbian bar she wanted to walk by. I was happy to walk by but before I realized she actually wanted to walk through, I told her that as an out-of-shape, 34 year-old mom with a bad hair cut, I am not comfortable hanging out in any bar these days.

When I realized she did want to go in, I wasn't sure how I felt about the idea or what I was getting into but when we arrived, it looked laid-back and it was. We didn't stay too long but I was comfortable while we were there.

I love Ariel completely and unconditionally and hope she finds love, acceptance and whatever else she is looking for in this city we both were drawn to and from the family we share.

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