Friday, December 22, 2006

Impressionistic Waterfall Hike

Before we left for our winter vacation, Cam, Sam and I snuck in a hike up the far side of Mt. Tam in search of waterfalls.

The drive to the trail head was beautiful but curvy.

We brought along some little cans of Coke in an attempt to keep Sam's motion sickness in check. It seemed to help some. My mom is suggesting we try Dramamine next time. Sounds like a worthwhile plan.

Our Marin Hiking book said to park just after crossing Alpine Dam. The Alpine lake it forms is lovely.

We enjoyed exploring the area by the lake before we started walking.

We could hear the rushing water of the falls in the distance.

Our camera has a hard time focusing in low light without a flash.

The blurry pictures still capture memories though.

That's why I decided to name this post Impressionistic Waterfall Hike.

We had a nice time hiking together.

"Guys, check this one out."

Do you see Cam & Sam on the bridge off in the distance? It was a cool bridge.

"I'm coming."

I really wanted this picture to come out.

It isn't clear but his happiness is evident.

Cam & Sam had fun tossing sticks into the current and watching them ride down the falls.

Sam took another nice shot of us.

We left the falls and hiked back to the lake.

And enjoyed resting and playing by it for awhile.

Cam drove the car across while Sam and I checked out the other side of the dam.

I have always liked bridges. Something about being able to walk across a body of water intrigues me.

Crossing dams is interesting too. I enjoy comparing the difference of the two sides.

We saw a few young bucks on the drive home.

Cam let me drive home which helps my stomach.

He took some nice shots of the scenery.

And this one of Sam and me taking a breather on the side of the road.

Cam's story.

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