Monday, January 01, 2007

There's no place like home. (II)

Our plane from Dallas was over 48 hours late taking off.
ately, they told us to go away and come back later so we weren't stuck camping out at the airport all that time.

In Dallas, we were able to spend an afternoon, an evening and a morning with my Dad, Mom, Aunt Alice and Uncle Suvid. We were only supposed to have had a few hours with them so the extra time was a bonus. My mom said her wish came true.

We also spent an afternoon, evening and morning with our friends Pablo and Kristie. We had tried to stop by their house for a quick hello on our way into the city but hadn't been able to make it happen. Seeing them was quite a treat.

We were able to ring in the New Year on the ground in California. Our plane landed minutes before midnight . We were exiting the plane when the clock chimed twelve.

The entire trip was full of many wonderful exper-
iences. I second Cam's shout out to his Dad and Liz for their generous hospitality but right now, we are all quite glad to be relaxing at home.

Happy New Year. Happy stories to come.

There's no place like home. (I)

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