Saturday, August 25, 2007

In Search of Sea Creatures

The next morning, while Cam was meeting with people from the Academy of Art University to discuss his new job as a college professor (Congrats, Cam. We're thrilled for you.),

John, Johanna, Sam and I decided to head north on Hwy One to seek out seals and other sea creatures.

While John was here, he helped me access some of our old family photos. My dad scanned thousands of them (Thank you, Dad.) but I hadn't been able to open all of them.

After John left, I was looking through them and I was thrilled to find this one. It is such a fun shot of the three of them at a different beach.

Pictures really do take you back, don't they?

In these photos, we were in Hampton Beach, during part of a Powell Family Reunion.

I think it was just before Sam turned one because if I remember correctly, we went from here to Boston for the Pops Concert on the 4th of July before heading to Sebago Lake, Maine.

Or was that a different reunion??? Too bad we weren't blogging then.

Anyway, last weekend, we were headed to the tide pools at Agate Beach, Bolinas.

Johanna had never seen tide pools.

Conveniently, low tide was at 11am.

We'd been able to take our time getting around that morning.

We'd had sunny blue skies at my house but after we drove just a few miles closer to the ocean, we found dense fog.

It made for a mellow drive and obscured the normally spectacular view of the ocean but didn't interfere with our view of the tide pools.

Sam's becoming an expert on tide pools and can point out highlights.

He was also willing to pick things up so other's could get a closer look.

The most spec-
tacular find of this trip was this tiny hermit crab.

Despite the fog, the weather was really quite lovely, not too windy or cold.

Perfect for hugs.

And pictures.

It was a fun way to spend the morning.

We enjoyed having time together.

On the way home, we pulled over to get a closer look at the seals laying out, sunning themselves a hundred yards or so from the road. Their noises made us laugh.

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