Sunday, August 05, 2007

Morning in the Campground

I love being one of the first people awake in a camp-

It is so peaceful.

I was rested.

The air was cool and crisp.

The birds were singing.

(OK, the Stellar Jays were squawking but they are so fascinating, we didn't care.)
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The animals were scurrying around. There were lots of chipmunks in the area.
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They are cute. It is tempting to feed them but we know it isn't good for them and can make them really aggressive. Plus, a sign outside the bathroom said something about them having a connection to the plague.

As Patience mentioned on her blog, apparently, a black bear was very near our campsite on the second night.

Someone had neglected to put the chain lock back on the dumpster so the bear (or bears) made a feast from the garbage.

Before we went to bed on the first night, Cam assured all of us that black bears eat mostly plants and insects.

He said they are like large raccoons, more interested in our food than in us.

Still, there have been 56 people killed by black bears in North America in the past 100 years.
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The odds of an attack are incredibly slim but that they were so close to where we were sleeping is both fascinating and a bit scary.

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