Sunday, August 05, 2007

Are we going to see the ocean...?

When I picked her up at the airport, Patience asked if she was going to see the ocean while she was in California.

I assured her she would.

That night, we drove over the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge on our way home that night so she could see the City by the Bay and I could point out the window and say, "The ocean is over there."

The next morning, we headed away from the ocean, across the valley, through the forest, into the mountains to an alpine lake called Tahoe. While I was thrilled to be able to take her there, I knew it was not the ocean.

So, the day we drove home from Tahoe, we stopped at home, had lunch and chilled out a bit.

But that afternoon, we went to Rodeo Beach.

I agree with Cam, it was rewarding to be able to give Patience her first ocean expe-

Thanks for making it possible, Hon.

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