Sunday, August 05, 2007

The rest of our time at Tahoe.

Waking up at Tahoe wasn't as cold as waking up at White Wolf Campground at Yosemite in September but the morning was brisk. Cam suggested that once everyone was awake, we hop into the car to warm up.

The heater, Rachel Yamagata's Happenstance (new album coming soon) and the early morning sun reflecting on the water made the morning grand.

We were driving south and figured we'd find some-
where to stop and have breakfast but this view near Vikingsholm drew us off the road.

We didn't see the castle but the lake, trees and granite cliffs surrounding us were majestic.

A bit further around the lake, we stopped again to look back at where we'd been and look at the lake without the sun shining full in our face.

I got Sam making a happy, silly, waking-up, squirming, jumping around, dancing, morning face.

Inspiration Point had lots of lovely signage enhancing our knowledge of the lake.

They did nothing to enhance the photos though.

We stopped near Camp Richardson at a Cafe. The sign in the window said open but at this early hour, the kitchen still closed. They had coffee and pastries but no bacon and eggs.

The kids decided they wanted cereal then rather than pancakes later. So, they each got one of those containers of cereal packaged in disposable bowls and a bottle of milk and we headed back to the car.

As we continued driving around the lake, we were right under a giant, yellow hot air balloon that was taking off.

Awhile later, we pulled off at this spot, on the Nevada side of the lake to watch it land.

Cam and I decided that if the kids were fine, we didn't need a big breakfast either. We stopped off at Safeway (where they did have tofu dogs) for an Odwalla smoothie, some fruits and veggies, hummus, cheese, crackers, olives and other food to take with us for our day at the lake.

I also bought waterproof sunscreen, which we reapplied throughout the day but after about eight hours of mostly direct sunlight, we were all crisp.

Water had pooled into a shallow area near the lake. Sam dislodged a log and discovered it would float. He tried his hand at log rolling.

Before long, Patience joined him.

That afternoon, we rested and relaxed at the campsite.

We decided to pick up a couple of pizzas instead of having a cookout but we did make another fire.

The next morning, after we broke camp, we hit the road.

The national forest near the lake is breath-

Our time at Tahoe was quite mem-
orable and enjoyable.

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mcewen said...

You make me feel lazy not for not getting us all up there when it's so close at hand.
Glad you had such a lovely break.
best wishes