Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Still Celebrating...

Recently, when I wrote about Sam's 10th birthday party, I wanted to flash back to his 1st one. I wasn't able to find the photos I was looking for then but I found this one, today.

For Sam's 1st birthday party, we rented a shelter at Maytag park in Newton, Iowa. Lots of aunts, uncles, cousins and friends came. We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers then went to the pool. (It was brand new then too.)

For Sam's 10th birthday, we took a bunch of his friends on a Quest Over Ring Mountain.

A few kids missed the first adventure so we decided to invite them to join us for a make-up one.

One kid canceled at the last minute but Aeddan, Eric and Sam had enough fun for 10 kids.

Here they are pro-
claiming they are, "King of the World."

It was a bit warmer this time. The shelter of this enormous tree (Live Oak?) was welcome.

Thankfully, this tree was our friend. We walked quietly through other dark groves and took measures to keep from waking the Balrog.

Sam climbed right up and settled in this cool perch, well above my head.

Eric wasn't able to climb up from the trunk but Aeddan's dad, who joined us and added many educational observations, thought that the branches looked sturdy enough that the kids could scramble up them.

Eric was proud to have made it up the tree that way.

Aeddan said he was better at rock climbing.

Often, we stopped to drink water and share stories in the shade. We quoted and enacted scenes from Monty Python. The boys also talked about Redwall.

When they reached the top of the mountain, Sam and Eric frolicked around on top of Turtle Rock.

Aeddan called to them from the base.

Sam hid and enjoyed the shade under a large slab of rock.

When we started down, I saw a creature, with very long ears, jumping.

Then, I saw something crouched but moving.

I think it was a Black Tailed Jack Rabbit being stalked by a bobcat.

The creatures dis-
appeared quickly and no one else saw them.

We grabbed a bite to eat with our friends at Milano's then climbed our hill.

When we got home, we found the package Els sent from Holland weeks ago.

She'll be happy to know it arrived.

Thanks so much, Els.

Sam really liked his presents.

He said they were very nice gifts.

He liked the bracelet best of all and said he plans to wear it, all the time, with his watch.

I thought Sam looked a bit rock star in his new jean jacket.

With his long, wavy hair, he reminded me of Michael Hutchence.

Thanks to everyone who helped make Sam's 10th birthday memorable and special.

Right now, Sam's enjoying reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid, a novel in cartoons, that his friend, Eric gave him tonight.

Tomorrow's the last full day of summer vacation.

Thursday, Sam starts 5th grade. Crazy, huh?

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