Monday, May 21, 2007

Back to Bolinas - Agate Beach Tidepools

Sam and I first discovered Bolinas in April of 2002. We'd driven cross country in search of a way to make a life in the west.

Our first stop was Muir Beach. A ranger there told us about Bolinas. He said the people who live in Bolinas want so much to keep the place off the beaten path that they tear down the road signs that would direct tourists here.

He told me how to find it though and we were happy that we did.

When I was a little girl, visiting California with my parents, I remember my mom taking me to see tide pools.

When she visited us last April, I wanted to take her to see some.

So, we headed back to Bolinas and the tide pools at Agate Beach.

The wind off the ocean was strong and brisk. My mom borrowed one of Cam's sweat shirts.

We saw orange starfish.

And purple ones.

There were lots of periwinkle snails, acorn barnacles, hermit crabs and sea anemones.

The purple sea urchin was vibrant.

I hope never to step on one.

We saw these things that looked like fossils, remnants of some prehistoric creatures that lived there long ago?

Then, we spotted this living creature and thought maybe those fossils weren't so ancient.

Mom and Sam examined one up close. Based on the sign near the parking lot, we think these creatures were mossy chiton. They looked a bit like a snail on the underside.

After exploring the tide pools, we climbed a small trail to an overlook. The wind kept us from hanging around too long.

We were getting a bit hungry so we decided to drive into Bolinas to see if we could find a bit to eat.

I remembered having pictures of Sam standing in front of this flower box. I asked him to stand there again so we would have a then and now.

We didn't find anyplace we wanted to eat so we headed back up Hwy 1 and pulled off at Stinson Beach.

The Parkside Cafe was closed but their snack bar was open.

I'm happy we were able to share these places and experiences with my mom that day.

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