Sunday, July 01, 2007

Salt Point Oasis

Last weekend, we went camping at Salt Point State Park. The day we arrived, we had a lovely time climbing rocks, hiking, relaxing on the beach, conquering trees and watching the sun set. But as Cam mentioned, it was quite windy by the ocean.

Our second day was spent exploring tide pools. After awhile, I found a nice rock to sit on and Sam spent hours observing and gently interacting with a community living in one tiny tide pool.

He shared many of the creatures he discovered with us. We enjoyed relaxing by the ocean and basking in the sun. It seemed like a much milder day until we climbed over the sea wall and started getting beaten up by the wind again.

Don't miss Cam's Flickr slideshow.

It tells the story of our weekend wonderfully.

(Make sure to click on the "i" in the middle of the first slide after you start the slideshow to view the titles and captions.)

Feel free to watch this video if you want to share the experience of our Salt Point Oasis.

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