Monday, July 23, 2007

Patience's 11th Birthday at Lake Tahoe.

July 13th, the morning after Patience & Sam arrived in California, was Patience's actual birthday. Cam packed our camping gear and I packed clothes for myself and the kids. Before long, we were ready and on our way.

Tahoe is less than 250 miles from our house but the drive there is still tiring. We were happy when we arrived and were able to take a break from the car.

The kids went wading right after this picture was taken.

With one extra person in the car, we didn't have room for the big cooler full of food we usually bring with us on camping trips. Nice excuse to stop off for a birthday lunch.

Originally, Cam had generously given the seats with the view of the lake to the kids. In these pictures, we are in our second seating arrangement, with me going over the menu with Patience.

Soon, we realized the kids were so absorbed in their Wikki Stix creating that they weren't noticing the lake at all. We got them to trade places with us so we could get a picture of them with the lake behind them.

This spot was great because after sharing birthday cake, we were able to watch them wade around in the water from our table.

(See Cam's Flickr album from more Lake Tahoe pics.)

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mcewen said...

Ooo too funny [about them not looking at the lake because of the Wiki] I know that sensation all too well.
Best wishes