Monday, July 23, 2007

I forgot one thing.

After lunch, the kids played Bocce while Cam and I set up camp.

Thanks for packing the game, Cam.

The kids were happy with their tent.

The pine cones we saw on our walk from the campsite to the lake were amazing.

As was the view of the lake itself.

Almost there.

Cam and the kids dove right in...

And thoroughly enjoyed the water (even though it was quite cool).

At the campsite, I realized I'd managed not to pack a swim suit.

I put on a light weight pair of shorts and tried to pretend I was wearing a suit.

Sadly, I never made it into the water above my stomach. I'd have loved to have been out there in the deep water with Cam and splashing around with the kids but I just couldn't get myself to do it this time.

Patience peered into the water.

Sam found and enjoyed playing with an enormous stick.


He also found a rock that he described as leopard colored.

Patience showed Cam a frog she and Sam had found.

These tiny frogs seemed to live in the sand between the woods and the lake.

Sam made cool boats out of bark and used them to send pine cones floating.

This one seemed like it would stay afloat forever.

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