Sunday, April 01, 2007

Keira's Party

Cameron's friend, Malia is one of the people who has done the most to make our move to the Bay Area possible and enjoyable.

Malia met her husband, Adam at the same company where I met Cam. At one time, we all worked for the same company. Getting to know them as friends has been wonderful.

Recently, Malia and Adam's daughter, Keira turned one.

We were invited to celebrate the occasion with them.

Malia & Adam are amazing hosts.

Their home is welcoming and lovely.

Adam's impressive wine collection and Malia's discerning taste for food result in delicious treats.

Shortly after we arrived in California, Adam and Malia they threw another party to introduce us to their friends.

Many of them, like Justin and Mitch are becoming our friends too.

Sam and Miles were excited to see each other again.

At the last party, Miles turned the water hose on Adam and nearly chased him into the living room with it. This time, they spent most of their time building a Bionicle space ship of some sort.

Recently, Malia started a book club and invited me to join.

Yasuyo hosted the last get-together.

Even the cake and ice cream were luxuriant.

Happy Birthday, Keira.

Thank you, Adam and Malia for inviting us into your circle of friends.

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