Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Girl in the Cafe - My New Favorite Movie

I have a new favorite movie. Yesterday, Cam and I watched The Girl in the Cafe.

I hadn't heard of the movie before seeing it at Blockbuster.

The sweet graphic caught my eye and when I read that it was written by Richard Curtis, the writer of Love Actually, one of our first date movies and another favorite, I was interested.

Then, when I read the tag line "Love can't change what's wrong with the world. But it's a start." I was further intrigued.

And there was Bill Nighy who we like a lot too.

I figured it was just going to be a cute love story and wasn't sure why this beautiful young woman was being paired with the much older looking Nighy but was open to finding out.

While the movie is indeed a humorous, romantic love story, it also addressed issues more profound than I had dreamed.

Both characters had more to them than meets the eye.

He has some of the noblest intentions I can imagine.

She speaks out in support of his ideas, bravely challenging apathy, the status quo and powerful men who are quick to become offended and hostile.

The outspoken woman fighting for a cause in which she believes is probably my favorite heroine and someone I aspire to be.


Sarah M said...

I saw this movie Netflix. We'll have to check it out as I am a big fan of Love Actually too! Thanks for the recommendation.

Pickled Eel said...

Hi Mary,
Have not seen the movie but was "revisiting" to see how things were going. In spite of gashed faces you still seem to be on top of things. or is that because of those sorts of events?! All the best