Sunday, April 15, 2007

Strong Chicks

The topic of outspoken women meeting hostility for speaking out about a cause they feel strongly about also made me think of the Dixie Chicks.

Before, I wrote about being inspired by the Dixie Chicks' defiant attitude and refusal to submit to oppression. Call it spunk, tenacity, chutzpah... They've got it and I admire it.

We finally watched their movie, Shut Up and Sing a couple of weeks ago.

It was interesting to learn that Natalie's comment against the war was made on the eve of it. She knew at the outset the frustration, loss and high cost the war would bring.

That someone would face extreme hostility for speaking out against violence is mind-boggling to me.

I was thrilled to watch them win five Grammy Awards this year. They found a way to ride the wave and come out on top.

Congratulations, Chicks. Thanks for staying strong.

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Anonymous said...

It is often the people who speak out about things or stand up for what is right that get the most flack. The thing is that most people who do the right thing are rarely praised in their lifetime.
And while this country is suppose to be the land of the free -complete with freedom of press and speech - and home of individuality, if you speak out against the "Moral" majority, you get smacked down or called unpatriotric. Funny enough, this country was built on people who thought the government at the time was wrong. Any time change has come (women's right to vote, civil rights) it has been against the current tide of that time's thinking. (Women are too delicate to be involved in politics or would get confused by the subjects.)
It's strange but within the past few years, the word "Liberal" is a dirty word and means something far different than what it use to.

Here is to the Chicks (and guys too) that speak out for what they believe in.

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