Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bootjack Trail - Mt. Tam

As I mentioned, yesterday, I was looking through photos and saw pictures of a hike I didn't remember immediately. Cam wrote about our hike along Bootjack trail on Mt. Tam in February.

He touched on highlights and compiled a Flickr photo album of the day. He has done a wonderful job of sharing our photos via Flickr. But I like being able to see the pictures when I scroll through my blog and there were some really good ones I wanted to make sure to post along with my memories of the hike before they fade away.

This picture isn't from the beginning of the hike but it is one of my favorites so I decided to put it at the top.

Toward the beginning of our hike, for some reason, this view reminded me of our family honeymoon at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. It reminded me of a particular spot on the scenic drive.

We weren't blogging then but here's a picture from that spot. I guess it seemed familiar because in both places we were above the water looking out at it through the trees.

When we started our hike up Bootjack trail towards the Mountain Theater on Mt. Tam, it was cool in the shade.

But the incline helped get our blood pumping.

It was almost balmy in the sun. We reflected gleefully about the weather, especially for mid-February. This has been the first non-frigid winter of my life. I'm good with it.

Sam ventured across a fallen tree they had set up as a bridge across this chasm.

Cautiously and bravely...

Before long, we had arrived at the Mountain Theater. Sam explored the pit at the base. I headed for the tree in the upper left middle of the seats where we relaxed and soaked up the sun.

Cam got this shot of the Golden Gate Bridge peeking out above the mountain to greet us.

Sam found a tree to climb.

When we were done enjoying the theater area, we headed out towards the downhill portion of the loop.

Around a bend, we came upon this spectacular view.

Cam was so inspired, he climbed to the top of this boulder to better appreciate it.

Sam looks like he is stalking Cam rather than climbing up to join him.

We passed the camera back and forth.

I was happy to stay on the ground this time.

A bit later, I got this sweet shot of Sam...

Perched on yet another tree.

Later, he took a picture of Cam and I together.

Thanks, Kid.

Then, Cam got a picture of us in front of the lush ferns.

Before we dashed off down the trail.

At the bottom of the trail, we found this sunny clearing...

With fun rocks to climb and play on.

The boulder was Sam's stage.

He broke out into a dance that rivaled Napoleon Dynamite.

Maybe some day I'll learn to use the video function.

Cam and I relaxed on the blanket after enjoying the show.

When we left the clearing, we found more rocks to play in and on and around.

And trees to hug.

Time to get off the computer.

There are mountains to climb.

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