Sunday, April 01, 2007

Nepalese Hospitality

We have been blessed with wonderful neighbors.

Above us live Jennifer and Gaju. He is from Nepal. They met and fell in love when she was studying there.

Now, they are married and the proud parents of two beautiful little girls.

Generously, they have invited us to join them for authentic Nepalese feasts on several occasions.

On our way to Keira's afternoon party, Gaju invited us to stop by their home that evening.

We're closet introverts.

One party a month is a lot for us.

Two in one night would be quite remarkable.

But we couldn't resist the comradery.

Or the invitation to sample these scrump-
tious dishes.

In October, Cam wrote about the first time we dined with them. We made Momo together. The little veggie filled dumplings were amazing. Learning how to fold them was fun.

Sam and Timila opted for pizza.

These two play so nicely together.

Another weekend, our families communed outside.

Sam and I had made strawberry pancakes with homemade whipped cream.

We shared those while the kids played.

That evening, they invited us back again.

Cam took a picture of these delectable dishes.

I was supposed to have gone to Malia's book club's meeting at Yasiuo's house. I really wanted to go but just wasn't feeling up for it.

The poison ivy Cam mentioned I had was awful.

Chilling out in front of a movie with friends and snuggling with Sam was just what the doctor ordered.

Thanks so much, Gaju, Jennifer, Timila and Anika for your generosity and friendship.

We appreciate you.

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