Friday, April 06, 2007

SF Botanical Garden - GGP

After investigating the Japanese Tea Garden, we walked a bit further through Golden Gate Park and wandered into the San Francisco Botanical Garden.

I was fascinated by the fern fronds unfolding.

A few of them were enormous.

They made me reminiscent of the tentacles from one of Bob Eggleton's Sea Monsters.

Sam and a strand of seaweed reminded me of Eggleton's monsters before.

Sometimes the fronds were delicate.

Other times they were downright eerie.

These beautiful blue flowers have been blooming all over the place lately.

I'm not sure what they are but I like them a lot.

These delightful ones were lovely too.

And I don't know if these are the same plant my Grandma McVay calls hens and chickens.

But if they are, they are King Kong sized versions.

We were having such a nice day...

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Eric Maddux said...

Looks like a great place to spend a day. The fiddlehead ferns that you said looked erie are good eating. The small ones go well in a salad.