Sunday, January 21, 2007

Baton Rouge for Beignets

Almost a month ago, we woke up in Lafayette, Louisiana and headed towards Baton Rouge to see where Cam earned his undergrad degree and more importantly eat beignets.

They weren't on Cam's food list but earned honorable mention on Eric's.

On the way, we drove for miles on an elevated highway over the swamp. It was amazing.

Our plan was to get beignets at one of Cam's old haunts, the Coffee Call. When we got there, Cam learned that a Wal-Mart had taken its place.

But all was not lost; they had built a new Coffee Call in the same shopping center.

Cam was pleasantly surprised with the interior. (Do you see him in line?)

They were so, so good.

I had to stop uploading pictures last weekend after seeing these and go make French toast.

I stuffed it with Mascarpone Cheese flavored with brown sugar and vanilla.

Sam and Cam thought it was good that way but the thought of these beignets made me want a sprinkle of powdered sugar on my French toast.

I added extra fresh blue berries for good measure.

I guess sprinkle isn't really an adequate term. I prefer a blizzard of powdered sugar on mine.

Happy eating, everyone.


Kayhan Gultekin said...

I love the pictures of the swamp. It looks amazing.

Johnny said...

I'm doing a video about a new pizza restaurant in Baton Rouge and want to use your exterior photo of COFFEE CALL as a little 2 second insert. Would that be okay?

marymaddux6272 said...

Sure, Johnny. That'd be great.