Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Warm, Fuzzy Christmas Day

When I woke on Christmas morning, I was greeted by the glow of the sunlight streaming through the window illuminating the table already set beautifully for Christmas dinner.

Later that morning, Cam's stepbrother, Brian and his wife, Camille joined us.

It was the first time Sam and I had met them. Camille was so stylish in her red shoes. You can see Liz's beautiful tree in the background too.

Animated conversation and champagne were shared.

Since Cameron wasn't the youngest family member at this gathering, Sam inherited the role of Santa and distributed gifts.

Brian & Camille gave him this impressive headlamp to wear when camping, hiking, mountain biking, spelunking and all sorts of nighttime adventures.

Jim tried out his new iPod nano. He and Liz were each given one by Brian & Camille.

Cam wanted to bring fine food from our new home region to share with his folks.

At our friend, Malia's party, we had tried and greatly enjoyed the flavor of Cowgirl Creamery's Red Hawk cheese.

What we didn't remember until Cam brought the carefully-selected present home was its pungent smell. Cam transported this very potent-smelling cheese all the way home with him. I hope it was enjoyed.

While Liz was opening a present, she noticed the box was marked Toni. She said, "I used to have a Toni Doll as a little girl." She was pleasantly surprised to learn Jim had given her another.

In the background, you can see the necklace I was given by Jim and Liz. It was made of red silk and jade and came with a matching bracelet. They brought it home from their trip to China. It seemed to have been made for the outfit I was wearing. Camille received a set of jewelry too. Cam and Brian were each given ties from the silk factory Jim & Liz toured.

Hearing about how I have been enjoying learning to cook Indian food lately, Eric & Sarah gave me a curry cookbook. It has lots of delicious-sounding recipes as well as information about the ingredients. The recipes are from India, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia and are broken-out by region. They gave Cam a book on Wrigley Field's history. Because Sam thinks Napoleon Dynamite is hilarious, Eric & Sarah gave him a drawing game inspired by the movie.

Sam enjoyed building and playing with the entire set of Inika Bionicles Jim & Liz gave him.

Each one has a strobe light weapon and launcher.

We were thrilled to receive a new Garmin GPS 60CSx device from Jim & Liz. The website says it is for "serious outdoor enthusiasts." It will help us keep our bearings and stay safe when we are hiking, biking, beach combing and mountain climbing.

After exchanging gifts, we shared a lovely meal. Liz, thanks for all your worked work preparing it on Christmas Eve day. Everything was delicious. I especially enjoyed the cauliflower with cheese sauce and candied pecans.

We are blessed, thankful and appreciative.

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