Sunday, January 21, 2007

Old Tyme Grocery

When Cam was asked to name his top of "Five Foods to Eat Before you die," #1 on his list was an oyster po-boy in Lafayette, Louisiana. Apparently, there are several good places to get one there. After our visit to Shadows on the Teche, Cam took us to Olde Tyme Grocery. I should have taken a picture of what the place looked like inside. It was packed to the max. After we decided what we wanted, Sam and I escaped to the tables outside while Cam placed our order.

You can see the eager grin of anticipation and enthusiasm over the sandwich and the availability of Zapps Potato chips.

If only they had had the Cajun Crawtator flavored ones.

Ready for my second bite of the oyster po-boy. Wondering why I only wanted us to order one to split and I had chosen a shrimp one.

I'm not sure if the picture does the taste justice but they were good.

Do you see Cam's reflection in the door? Thanks for taking us to one of your favorite places, hon. And thanks for giving me half of the best sandwich instead of just a bite.

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Cameron said...

You are so welcome! Thanks for giving me your hand in marriage instead of just sharing a few moments with me.

Yum, can we go back? Except not...