Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cold, Fishing on Christmas Evening

After a lovely Christmas day with Cam's Dad's side of the family, Cam & Sam headed out to the backyard pond to try their hand at fishing.

They used the worms they'd found on Christmas Eve Day.

Then spent some time talking about the mechanics of casting.

Sam illustrated his casting know-how.

Then the pole was his.




I brought Sam's coat out with me but you can see how much use it was getting laying on the ground between them.

The guys seemed impervious to the cold.

Sam moved to the other side of the gazebo to try his luck over there.

Cam got some pictures of me watching Sam untangle his line.

Then helping a bit.

Sam gave up on worms and decided it was just as fun casting and reeling his line in without them.

While they were fishing, I decided to take advantage of the better cell phone reception outside and give my family a call. They packed up and went inside, leaving me out there talking. I was able to talk with my Grandma, Aunt Shirley, Uncle David, Aunt Gayle, Dad, Mom, Sister-in-Law and Brother.

For warmth, I finished my calls from Jim's greenhouse. Unfortunately, while I was saying hello to my family, I missed saying goodbye to Brian and Camille. We sure were glad to have had time with them that day.

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