Saturday, December 02, 2006

Big Sur Waterfall Hike

Back to Big Sur. After exploring, feasting, watching the sun set and spending Thanksgiving night in Big Sur, Cameron and I were up before the sun the following morning. We thought about reading and relaxing in our room until the restaurants opened for breakfast at 8. But then we thought better of it.

Cam suggested we check out the hike to Pfeiffer Falls in Pfeiffer State Park. It sounded lovely so we were off.

It was chilly outside but not uncomfortably so and hiking is always a good way to get the blood pumping.

The trees were tall and impressive.

Some had distinctive markings.

After seeing this shot on Cameron's blog, his friend, Pablo joked that after this shot was taken I was tragically eaten by the troll that lives in the tree.

Cam is nearly engulfed by this massive specimen.

The trail ran along a small creek.

And up to the base of this waterfall.

It was lovely.

After admiring the falls, we hiked the Valley View trail to complete our loop. By the time we'd climbed to the lookout point, I had shed my coat and sweatshirt and was down to short sleeves.

It was a glorious morning.

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