Sunday, December 10, 2006

I noticed.

I was in such a hurry to get my mom's 60th birthday posting up that I made a mistake labeling this picture.

I'd been looking at pictures of my grandparents holding my mom as a baby.

When I saw this photo, I recognized my grandma right away as the woman on the left in the back row. However, my assumption that my mother was the baby in her arms was incorrect.

Yesterday, I was looking at the photo again and realized my mom was actually standing in the front row with my Aunt Barbara. (My mom is the fourth person from the left.) She appears to be the oldest girl child.

My folks made it home from Hawaii safely and I was able to speak with my mom yesterday. She confirmed that the baby my grandma is holding in this picture is my Aunt Sandy. I think my Aunt Caroline is the younger girl child next to my mom with my Great Aunt Margaret. But honestly, I'm not sure.

Mom said they had a wonderful time in Hawaii and that my dad, my Uncle Jerry and Aunt Caroline spoiled her on her birthday.

I greatly appreciate my dad's recent efforts to convert many of our childhood and historical family photos to digital format. I received a cd with these images just in time to use them to recognize my mom's birthday.

Also, I want to thank by brother for sending pictures to me that I wasn't able to access. Without his help, the posting would have been without my parent's wedding picture and a couple of my mom around the time of her wedding. Thanks, Dad. Thanks, John. Thanks, Mom. Thanks, McVay family. Thanks, Powell family. I love you all.

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