Sunday, December 10, 2006

I mean, "Prettige Sinterklaas!"

I learned that Els was 23 years old when she moved to the States.

She thanked me for the Dutch Christmas blog posting and explained that Sinterklaas is not the same as Christmas in Holland.

Apparently, it is a totally different holiday that stands on its ow
n with presents, candy and rhymes delivered with the presents. They are brought by Sinterklaas on his white horse with the help of his Pieterman. She said it is a fun, family evening.

Then, Christmas (Vrolijk-Kerstfeest) is without presents but is about church, family, togetherness, Christmas trees, ect.

Christmas in Holland doesn't incorporate Santa like it does in the States. The two are separated so with Christmas you do not have the business with gifts ect.

She likes it
this way. I think it makes a lot of sense too.
She said that on December 25, I could wish her Vrolijk Kerstfeest again but that on December 5th, they say, "Prettige Sinterklaas!"

I appreciate you explaining the difference to me, Els.

By the way, we put our wooden shoes out with carrots in them for Sinterklaas and his horses.

He brought presents, rhymes and candy from you, all the way from Holland for us.

Thanks so much for sharing your culture, heritage and kind heart with us.

We love you.

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