Friday, December 15, 2006

Ariel's Return to Cliff House

When Ariel was 17, she came to California from Ohio by herself to meet some relatives on our side of the family and see her mom's grave. During this trip, our Uncle Mike took her to Cliff House & the Sutro Baths. It was the first time Ariel had seen the Pacific Ocean since she was a baby.

Last Sunday afternoon, she introduced me to the area. I was captivated by this beach. It as in a part of San Francisco I hadn't seen before. You can see the Cliff House off to her left in the top picture.

The remains of the Sutro Bath House are behind Ariel in this picture. The parking area is elevated significantly above the beach.

We climbed down the lengthy, steep staircase to the area near the bath house. Then, we entered the tunnel you see on Ariel's left.

When we emerged on the other side, we were met with this awesome site.

The waves were still quite large and crashed into these rocks dramatically.

We walked back through the tunnel to explore the rest of the area.

It must have been high tide. Ariel said that during low tide, you can walk out to these rocks and that sometimes people fish from them.

It was fun walking around on what was left of the bath house so close to the ocean.

The setting sun was glorious.

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