Sunday, November 26, 2006

Exploring Pfeiffer St. Beach - Thanksgiving Day

As I mentioned in my last post, Cam and I spontaneously decided to road trip to Big Sur on Thanksgiving Day when Sam was in LA visiting his dad. We arrived in the area around 4pm, got a room and headed to Pfeiffer State Beach.

Sam and I visited this beach on our way back to the Midwest from California five years ago. (I will save the flashback pics until Sam and I are back there together.)

I didn't remember exactly which road to turn on but knew the turn-off was on the right just past a couple of signs for Pfeiffer State Park on the left. The first time, we missed the unmarked road but eventually circled back and found it. Luckily, there was a sign just after the turn-off assuring us we were on the right path. The one-lane road takes you through dense foliage for two miles, past horses and a man selling firewood, before you reach the parking area. Then, you walk along a little path through more trees until you finally reach the beach. This view, emerging from the trees onto to ocean, I remembered.

We walked over to the cove where Sam and I spent most of our time the last time but the sun was shining so brightly there that we decided to explore further along the beach.

The sun was playing off these rocks in a very dramatic way. We decided to take a closer look.

Cam climbed right out onto the rocks.

Waves were slamming into the rocks right behind him.

You can see the surf swirling around at his feet.

At first, I hung back a bit but a wave snuck up and got my feet and pants wet.

At least then I was free to take a closer look.

We could see the area much better from the shade of these rocks.

They protected our eyes from the brilliant sunshine.

The sun and rocks provided a majestic backdrop.

We had fun walking along, talking...

holding hands.

I am lucky.

I am loved.

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