Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Too cool for school

For Halloween this year, Sam wanted to be "one of those guys with a hood over one eye." He told people, "There is no name for it." He told his dad he couldn't say what he was going to be like it was a secret or an obscene word. I thought we still had the black hooded cape that has been the staple of his past few Halloween costumes but it doesn't seem to have made the move to California. Sam didn't want to go to the Halloween store and find an official costume, he wanted to wear a shirt we'd bought him recently and just pull the hood up when it was time to be in costume.

Here he is marching in the school's Halloween parade.

He was planning to wear a sword that evening but weapons aren't allowed at school.

Last weekend, our neighbor, Gaju, had generously offered one of the hats he used to import from his native, Nepal to Sam.

While Sam appreciated the offer, he wasn't feeling silly this year.

Cam left the house wearing Gaju's hat.

I didn't have any creative ideas for a costume and saw this "Boo" t-shirt at Target for $5 and figured I was set.

The kids kept asking me what I was going to be for Halloween. I said I was going to be myself.

"I can be myself, how about you?"


Bill and Marilyn said...

It takes a really COOL dude to pull off an almost costume.

But then again the hat would have gotten a lot of attention.

Looks like you are all having a lot of fun.


Carma said...

I think the "character" Sam was trying to be would be something in a comic book of slightly cagey characters. not quite gansta/not ELMO/Not goth, but that same feeling of all of them.
Yeah, weirdly, I sort of get the kid. I will see about posting what I dressed as for Halloween this year. (Sadie didn't get dressed up this year.)

Boo shirt. Heck, in your shoes, I would have told people that I was the scariest thing around...a Mom. LOLOLOLOL!!!

Looks like fun.