Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thinking of the Erenbergs

Can I make a nomination for mother of the year? My friend, Eileen is amazing. She is a concerned neighbor and kind friend. She has an impressive career, is actively involved in her church, her children's school and is a loving wife and mother.

Her husband, Mike is an incredible father. He loves his kids and is a kind, patient, committed dad. Mike is a talented carpenter. You should see the playstructure he built for his children (and half the neighborhood) to use. It takes up their entire back yard and is complete with garage roof-top balconies and walkways, a slide you can take a sled down, a rope swing, a pool, etc. Recently, he decided to leave his union job to be an independent contractor so he would have more control over his schedule, allowing more time for his family.

Mike & Eileen's two oldest children, Luke and Kellie, both have Cystic Fibrosis.

I don't understand it completely but know it causes mucus to build-up in their lungs. On top of school and church, in-between baseball games or Irish dancing lessons, they must fit half-hour breathing treatments into their schedule every morning and night. CF also doesn't let their bodies absorb nutrients as they should. They must take enzymes every time they eat.

Recently, Eileen told me that Luke & Kellie were going into the hospital for a couple of day. Each of them was going to have a Gastrostomy tube placed into their stomach. The Gtubes will allow their parents to give them extra food during the night. Eileen said they need to be stronger to stay healthy.

When we lived next to them in Chicago, we spent many enjoyable hours playing with Luke and Kellie and hope their surgeries went smoothly today.

Just once a year, their family participates in the CF Great Strides walk for a cure. Last year, we walked with team Luke's Skywalkers. The next Chicago walk is planned for May 20, 2007. Around that time, I will give you an update on how things are going for them and ask you to consider making a donation to help. In the meantime, please join me in wishing them a quick and speedy recovery and continued health and happiness.

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