Sunday, November 12, 2006

GGB - Then & Now

When I wrote about the walk Cameron and I took across the Golden Gate Bridge, shortly after we moved to California, I mentioned how I'd walked across it with my dad and how Sam and I had walked out onto it when we were in California 5 1/2 years ago.

Recently, Sam reminded us that he hadn't been on the bridge since living here and that he had never actually walked across it. (The last time, we walked to the first peak and back.)

So, last Saturday when the ground was a bit wet from some Friday night rain, we decided to opt for sidewalks and pavement and take Sam back to the Golden Gate Bridge.

We took pictures from the observation area before heading out. I wanted to be able to share some flashback pictures.

Sam took another couple shot. You can see the bridge peaking out over my right shoulder.

My handsome men.

Our beautiful city by the bay, illuminated in the distance.

Hi Cam.

Happy Cam.

Shortly after getting on the bridge, you see these interesting rocks.

There were hundreds of birds flying just above the surface of the water all around them on this day.

Cam pointed out the white trails they left in their wake after taking off from the water and acknowledged how difficult of a feat that must be.

The bay is alluring.

Talking, playing, marching along, singing a song, smiles.

Hugs, love.

A short while later, we spotted these pelicans. They are such impressive birds. When I see them flying, I always think of that scene at the end of Jurassic Park where they talk about how the dinosaurs turned into birds.


Grown a bit, huh?

He's really into making up scenarios lately.

"You know what would be funny...?"

I like this shot of Cam in front of Angel Island. Some beautiful day, we will go and climb to the top of it.

It looked like Sam was about to jump off the bridge in this picture with Alcatraz in the background.

Here he is in the same spot again.

We haven't been to Alcatraz yet either but it is high on our list.

On the San Francisco side of the bridge, we followed a trail down to the base of the bridge. I'd never seen the bridge from this spot before.

This picture doesn't do it justice but off to our left, the waves were really slamming into the rocks. Often, the spray would come up onto the sidewalk and even into the parking area.

Cam suggested we visit Ft. Point. I am interested in history but wasn't especially thrilled at the idea. It turned out to be both beautiful and impressive. It was one of only a few outposts like this built early in our country's history. It was the only one on the west coast at the time.

Repeating archways were a reoccurring theme.

The way the light played off of the arches was lovely.

We saw cannons and even watched a cannon demonstration. (They didn't actually fire one but did reenact its firing.)

We were free to explore much of the fort without supervision. We climbed up to the third floor.

Sam and I had hoped to be able to climb into this tower but not surprisingly, it was closed. What was surprising was how much was open.

Some seals treated us to a show on the way back across the bridge.

Cam got this nice shot of two of them.

Looking up at one of the peaks from the ground.

Tired but happy.

We did it.

Cam's Story


Carma said...

Looks like such a good time and a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
Sam is really growing up fast. And I can't imagine where he gets the creative stories from. LOL.

Have I mentioned lately that I really like your hair short and the glasses? It suits you.

marymaddux6272 said...

Thanks, Lady. You are so kind. Love & miss you.