Tuesday, November 07, 2006

S. Beach @ Pt. Reyes

The Sunday before last, we headed out to the beach again. Cam wrote about our trip to South Beach at Pt. Reyes already on his blog. I wanted to finish writing about Halloween stuff before November so I didn't write about this day then but I just looked through the photos from this outing and decided there were some good ones still up for grabs.

This beach opens up onto the ocean. We have a lot of water around here that opens onto the bay but in front of us on this day was a vast expanse of water and sky. Captivating.

I liked Sam's sand art.

There were lots of structures made of driftwood on this beach. I was afraid to approach the first one Cam and Sam checked out in case there was someone inside it. I could see this one was open and decided to have a look around. It was quite homey and relaxing looking out to sea from here.

Sam joined me for a stick fight.

Then Cam joined the fun. He started acting like a caveman, running around after Sam, startling me and making me laugh so hard my cheeks hurt from smiling.

I like this picture of Sam the cave boy.

Soon, they were playing tribal drums.

It looks like the war chant was on.

While walking up the beach, towards the Pt. Reyes Lighthouse, we came upon the decaying body of an enormous elephant seal. It was massive and heinous but intriguing to look at none the less.

Before leaving the beach, we sat and relaxed a bit.

Even though Cam already showed them, I wanted to share the pictures Sam took of us on my site too.

It was a lovely day.

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