Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Case of the Disappearing Pumpkin

Sam didn't finish carving his pumpkin last weekend on Pumpkin Carving Day. So, on Monday (Halloween Eve), after school and after finishing his homework, he figured it was time to get down to business.

He did an excellent job but when we were ready to put the pumpkin outside, it was too dark for a picture.

The next morning, I thought I would set the pumpkins up to get a picture of all three of them together in the morning light but it was still too dark.

I went inside to get some breakfast and wait for it to get a bit brighter.

When I went back outside, there were only two pumpkins remaining on the fence.

Where was my pumpkin? Had it fallen or been pushed off the wall? These two looked like they had been up to something.

I looked over the fence and saw this trail of pumpkin pieces leading down into the darkness.

I grabbed the walking stick my dad had sent as a gift to Sam and started down the steep hill in search of my pumpkin.

I found her cap under a tree.

Then, there she was, lying alone at the bottom of the hill.

Officer Dixie investigated the crime scene.

What happened to the fatally wounded pumpkin?

That is the question for the Great Pumpkin Detective.

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