Thursday, October 19, 2006

2002 Carroll's Pumpkin Farm

Our move to St. Louis in September of 2000 and return to Iowa in the fall of 2001 kept us occupied and away from Carroll's Pumpkin Farm in those years. But when pumpkin pickin' time rolled around in 2002, we were ready.

Tracey, Matthew and Jessie came with us again. The hay rack ride took us all around the farm. We got off the wagon at the corn maze. I hadn't seen this corn maze on our first trip to Carroll's and don't think I had actually seen a corn maze at all before. We had lots of fun tearing through it.

I love this picture of Jessie. Her hair and the corn are both golden. Her dark shirt and eyes offer a striking contrast.

And that fabulous smile...

We'd invited our friends, Russ and Jane to round up their family and come with us to the pumpkin farm. They wanted to join us but were in the midst of packing for their upcoming move back to Pennsylvania. The adults didn't think they could break away and their oldest son, Luke had a commitment but they asked if we wanted to take Rachel and Mark, the youngest kids, along with us. We were happy to have some time with them.

Another stop along the route of the tractor ride was the notorious pumpkin catapult. This thing is so cool. Every few minutes or so, they load a pumpkin into it and fling it out, 300 feet into the air. It lands in the pond with a kerplunk and shatters upon impact. "Pumpkin Chuckin'" I think I've heard it called.

The boys have changed a bit since the last picture of them sitting in this car.

It is nice that these kids get along so well even though they don't go to the same school or even see each other that often.

That year, we got some good pictures of kids on the tire swings. They have two. Rachel is making good use of the tamer one.

They have another one with a long rope hanging from a tall tree with lots of open space to swing high.

Mark looks happy.

Jessie is having fun.

Matt is fearless.


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