Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween on Waveland Avenue - 2004 & 2005

I have trouble getting photos I've uploaded to Yahoo Photos to come out a normal size when I want to use them again. I hope these photos look ok when they are posted. One of our computers is on the fritz and I can't access the original files of these photos. I'm glad we archived them at least.

Cam likes Flicker better than Yahoo Photos. Last year, I uploaded almost all of our photos to Yahoo Photos and was reluctant to switch to Flicker. Plue, the number of photos you can put on Yahoo Photos for free is unlimited. There is a limit on Flicker. I did decide to uploaded some photos there too. Feel free to check out my Flicker account. Cam's is more complete. He is listed as my only contact. Do you have a Flicker account? You can create one for free. If you do, let me know.

Anyway, back to the near present. After being in a relationship together for almost a year, Cam, Sam and I moved into our first place together on Waveland Avenue in Chicago on Halloween weekend of 2004.

Before we had even finished unpacking, we met the Erenberg's. Eileen (here with Nikki and Kellie) and her son, Luke noticed Sam and were excited at the possibility of a new boy moving in across the street. They introduced themselves right away and invited us to come trick-or-treating with them that weekend. Talk about welcoming. We were so blessed to have them as neighbors.
Here's Luke, he was a ninja that year.

Jack (the red ninja) lives next door to Luke. It was fun for Sam to have two ninjas living so close by.

Sam was no ordinary ninja. He was a space ninja. Everyone loved the "night vision goggles" he'd decided to wear with his costume. While I went around with Eileen and the kids, Cameron stayed behind to give out candy. You can sort of see him in the background.

The battle was on. No one can beat Space Ninja.

Kellie waited patiently for us to move on down the road.

Cam got creative and joined the fun with his costume. He was creepy in this face paint. Now who looks like a zombie?

We trick-or-treated with the same group the following year but when it was time to head out, I realized the batteries in our camera were dead. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of trick-or-treating in 2005. I did take some with Eileen's camera. If she sends them to me, I will put them up.

I remember Eric and Sarah came by and sat out on the porch with us watching the Trick-or-Treaters. They stayed at the house for a bit so Cam and I could take Sam out together. Then, when we came back, we encouraged Eric and Sarah to take Sam around. We thought we'd explained to them what part of the neighborhood we'd already hit and what was still open but Sam led them right back along the houses where he'd already trick-or-treeted. Eric and Sarah were laughing about how people said, "Hello again" to Sam. Oh well. Luckily, our neighbors were nice.

Happy Halloween, Chicago. We love and miss you.

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