Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pt. Bonita Lighthouse during Fleet Week

Last Saturday morning, we headed back to Rodeo Beach. We didn't spend much time on the beach this time. Instead, we followed a trail left, up a ridge and walked along looking out at the water until we reached the trail leading down to the Pt. Bonita Lighthouse. From here, we had a different view of the Golden Gate Bridge and many of the vehicles involved in Fleet Week.

The contrast of colors ranging from the deep green of the shadowy part of the trees to the glistening sunlight on the water was striking.

Off in the distance, Cam captured four ships on the horizon.

We also enjoyed watching several seals play on the rocks.

Suddenly, we came upon a hatch into the rock. I thought we were on Lost. There didn't seem to be a way through. Our path to the lighthouse was blocked.

Cam consulted our handy guidebook and noted that the lighthouse would open at 12:30pm. Since Sam had had a friend spend the night the night before, we had gotten a slow start. It was nearly 11:30am so we didn't have long to wait.

The day had a bit of a military theme. Several old batteries are in the area. We decided to go explore one.

From the battery, Sam noticed a different trail leading up another ridge.

The drop off the edge was very dramatic and quite sheer. It felt like we were on top of the world.

There was the lighthouse.

There were more bunkers on top of the ridge. Sam enjoyed climbing around in them. The graffiti covering all of the accessible historical sites made it clear why the lighthouse was only open three hours a day.

Cam took this cool picture of me when he was down in the bunker with Sam. Interesting perspective.

We hiked a different way back down towards the bay and the lighthouse.

We walked through the hatch and waited our turn to cross the suspension bridge to the lighthouse.

Only two people (or three people if one is a child and the three of you weigh less than 500 lbs.) are allowed on the bridge at one time. They let the three of us cross together. Cam took this picture on our way back.

There wasn't a lot of room around the lighthouse from which to take a photo of a person standing next to it. We do have some shots of us near the lighthouse but this one is better than those.

Waiting to cross back to the mainland.

It was another lovely day in Marin.

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Cameron said...

thanks babe for capturing the day so nicely!

I love lighthouses.