Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The reign of the firefighter - Halloween 2001

I'm sure we weren't the only family to end up with a firefighter costume the October after September 11th. I don't remember it being a particularly political purchase, just one we both liked. Sam got good use out of this costume. The first time he wore it was to a party we'd been invited to at the City Museum in St. Louis. In this shot, he is playing with my friend Kendra's son, Chavin.

The party was a media event. I was no longer working for the company that had moved us to St. Louis but Jennifer, a friend of mine who still worked there, invited Sam and I to come as her guests. I had just been offered the pork job which was kind of funny but impressive from an ad spending point of view so I was feeling up for socializing.

The City Museum is a really cool place. We had lots of fun playing and exploring. The party was a blast. I think I had my palm read. Sam and Chavin loved this giant slide they had there.

Actually, I think Sam and I had just gone down it together in the above photo so I must have liked it a lot too.

On Halloween, we trick-or-treated at the homes of some people we knew in our neighborhood. Here Sam is standing with our downstairs neighbor and friend, Carmella.

Then, we headed out to the suburbs to trick or treat with our friends. Conner was Sam's best friend at the Downtown Children's Center (where I paid more for childcare than I paid for rent). Julie had been a single mom with her daughter, Erin. She sort of took us under her wing.

Sometime later, outside our house on Russell Blvd., less than a block away from the Missouri Botanical Garden, Sam was playing with the garden hose in his hat.

He looks serious in this shot.

Then, he decided to fill his hat up with water and dump it onto his head.

It was hilarious.

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