Wednesday, October 18, 2006

1999 Carroll's Pumpkin Farm

The day I decided I was ready to let people at work know that I was pregnant with Sam, I made up my mind to tell as many people as I could, to their face so I didn't have to wonder about rumors, if they knew or not or what they were saying. I just ran around the office, popping in on people and saying, "Guess What?" Usually, they'd respond, "What?" and I'd say, "I'm pregnant" then run off and tell the next person.

When I asked my boss at the time to "Guess What?" She said, "Don't tell me you're pregnant." She was such a kind person.

Later, I was in the reception area playing "Guess What?" Several people were in the area so I would be able to share my announcement with multiple people at once. In response to my "I'm pregnant" line, the receptionist said, "I bet I know someone else who is pregnant" and put my friend Tammi totally on the spot.

She was pregnant. I had no idea. Her boss had no idea and she hadn't planned on making her announcement that day. I felt bad that her news was released before she was ready to release it but I hadn't been the one to release it so she wasn't upset with me.

It turned out three of us in the office were all pregnant. We had basically the same due date. Each of us was expecting around the first part of August.

Sam was born in mid-July, then Tammi had Trevor and finally Tracey had Matthew.

All of us
had baby boys.

Each of them
had a daughter

It was wonderful being about to share the experience of being pregnant with coworkers who are also my friends.

We became closer through the experience.

to work
after a
appointment and being able to compare notes, "Wasn't that sugary stuff we had to drink awful?"

Even though Tracey left the agency for another job, Tammi left Des Moines for Cedar Rapids and I ran off to St. Louis, Chicago and now California. We've done our best to stay in touch.

I appreciate the friendship and support each of them has shown. They both encouraged me to go for my dreams and have always wanted the best for me.

Both of them were with us on our first trip to Carroll's Pumpkin Patch in 1999 - when the boys were two. I hope you enjoy these pictures. I sure do.

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