Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Back in the saddle again...

So we're calling it Rodeo Beach. And since we were so impressed with the splendor and sea life we observed the weekend before last, we decided to take my folks there last weekend. Of course, low tide was at midnight so we didn't see any starfish, sea anemone, sand dollars or crabs. We couldn't make it to the rocks because they were surrounded by water.

It was a bit cooler too but that didn't keep all of us from wading.

We had fun gazing out at the crashing waves...

and walking along the coastline.

The most remarkable creature we encountered on this trip was not from the sea. Rather, it was a dog. He approached us and literally threw his ball to Sam as a way of requesting a game of fetch. Sam took the hint and threw the ball. The dog brought it back and tossed it at Sam's feet again and again and again. Sometimes the dog would honor one of the rest of us with a toss. If the person he threw his ball to didn't respond in a reasonable amount of time, the dog would nudge it closer to you with his paw.

One other couple at the beach didn't appreciate his invitation when it came with slobber, sand and sea water being sprayed on them but we sure did. This dog could surf too. One time, he rode a wave while going after a ball. He caught it. We were hoping to arrange a play date with the dog but didn't manage to finagle the owner's phone number. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted and at least we have these pictures.

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